Analog Devices Design Partner

Monday, April 16, 2018

OA Innovations is now an Analog Devices Design partner

Analog Devices Design Partner LogoOA Innovations is announcing their new partnership with Analog Devices Design, which will allow them to share and learn from Analog Devices as well as other partners within the alliance program. According to Steve Smith, President of OA Innovations, inc., “leveraging our partnership permits us to provide superior design and development services.”

OA Innovations’ mission is to be a service business where integrity, dependability, responsiveness, trustworthiness, and establishing communities are all essential. Their partnership with Analog Devices will aid them in providing the highest quality design, prototyping and consulting services available.

According to Analog Devices, the Alliances program is an opportunity for partners to create “engineering options to reduce risk, cost, and accelerate your time to production” for their design clients.

If you have an engineering project and are interested in how OA Innovations can benefit your project, contact us today.