Analog Circuit Design

Analog Circuit Design and Development

Does your analog/digital engineering project require additional expertise? OA Innovations has extensive experience with mixed signal designs and has a wealth of experience in analog circuit design. We also have robust expertise in medical, microwave, radio frequency, instrumentation and integration of mixed signal designs. We solve your technical problems with creative solutions while ensuring our products are reliable, repeatable, and efficient.

Analog Devices Design Partner Network Project Goals:

  • High Speed
  • Low Noise
  • Precision Analog
  • Mixed Signal

Analog Prototyping

As a member of the Analog Devices Partner Network (Read the Press Release), we pride ourselves on our thorough, top-down prototyping approach, working with the client to achieve a more efficient design process with cutting edge technology and more established techniques. Our process includes working with the client to formulate the system architecture and individual board requirements, formulating a suitable design specification for each board, coming up with a board level design and schematic and then simulating to verify the expected performance. Once the client is satisfied with the expected results, we can either build a functional prototype to verify the expected results or commit to a Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), depending on the complexity and technical challenges involved. Once we have verified electrical performance, we build first article circuit boards which provide a more accurate measure of performance and can be used for product development, more comprehensive measurements and also be subjected to any environmental or EMC testing if required. Regular feedback and conversation with clients keeps projects on track and satisfaction high.

You can be confident that OA Innovation’s creative engineers will provide exceptional analog design services. Your mixed signal solution will utilize the cutting edge technology, be rigorously tested and provide cost effective solution to your challenge. With over 30 years of combined analog design experience we can offer best-in class design solutions for our clients.

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