Business Start-Up Services

OATest offers Start-ups a wide range of innovative technical expertise and useful services, helping clients to produce successful and cost-effective products. These services assist clients in lowering their cost (and time to market) through a structured outsourced design approach. Our highly skilled staff and well-equipped engineering lab are also at your disposal. We provide:

  • Top down design. We work with the client to formulate a design specification based on end-user requirements, practical considerations, regulatory needs, budget, target costs, and technical feasibility. This increases the probability of a first-article design meeting your target requirements.
  • Engineering facilities. This includes office space and a custom-built engineering laboratory. Having all of this built in helps to minimize client costs.
  • A highly innovative technical staff. By their expertise, they use their time effectively to minimize client costs.
  • Design tools. We have schematic capture, a component database, a wide range of test equipment, and rework equipment. All of this helps to minimize capital equipment costs.
  • Regular feedback and dialog with the client. This is to discuss progress, milestones, costs, any trade-offs between schedule and specification. We’ll also make recommendations for you.
  • Low overheads. This is to minimize stock dilution and provide the biggest possible return on investment.​