New Product Introduction Debug

New Product Introduction Debug

When introducing a new product it is important to verify that the design is repeatable and that the design, sales and production specifications allow sufficient margin to accommodate design and instrumentation tolerances, also to allow for measurement and calibration errors.

When assisting a client with new product introduction, we usually review the manufacturability and repeatability of the design and generate or review the necessary documentation to make sure that a reasonable yield can be obtained. In a simple case, this would involve comparing margins to make sure there is enough slack to accommodate worst-case acceptable tolerances or where this isn’t possible to perform statistical analysis to adjust component values to optimize the yield. We can also assist a client in small scale bench testing of new products to verify that the design functions correctly and to develop the necessary test apparatus to facilitate accurate testing where suitable off-shelf instrumentation isn’t available.

Further, we have strategic partnerships with test fixture, PCB, and board assembly houses making us a one-stop shop to assist with the transition from design to manufacture of products, assisting a client to be compliant with timeline and budget while also ensuring reliable future production. At OA Innovations, we are experienced in New Product Introduction (NPI) and have the tools to debug and keep the task list moving. We keep up with best practices while also finding new ways to keep overhead costs down and efficiency high.

Our team is proactive about finding and fixing roadblocks before they become problematic for the project. Our goal is to keep you on schedule and continually moving forward while keeping your budget in mind. Our state of the art equipment and team of expert engineers will make your NPI process seamless.